Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't let competition's website outshine you

What does a local brick-and-mortar business really need to know and do to get going online? You probably think, as I did, that the first step is to develop a website.

This obvious answer came quickly: People search for information on the Internet; a website insures your presence. But a second thought tickled my mind: Is the obvious really the best answer?

So I did my homework: The decision -- website or not -- depends on your market, location and competition. Actually, a brick-and-mortar business may have a better chance of being found through search listings than via a new website. So, building a website may not necessarily be your first priority.

This question came from the owner of a well-established dry cleaning store. I learned that referrals provide new customers. Successfully taking on difficult cleaning tasks has built their reputation. They also do expert alterations.

When I entered ``dry cleaners'' and the ZIP code in Google, their store showed up within a local cluster of nine other dry cleaners -- all within easy driving distance for prospective customers. Local search tools provide presence for all nine. But, looking closely, only one competitor takes full advantage of the search engine's marketing resources.

An effective local listing requires much more than entering a business' name, address and telephone number. An effective listing requires an ongoing investment of time, patience and creativity -- but almost everything is free.
Start by checking your business presence with the local listing power players: Google Maps, Yahoo! Local Listings and Yellow Pages. Other local directories help you create a business profile on their pages: SuperPages, SwitchBoard and CitySearch.

Think of each of these local profile pages as a mini business website. If you create a profile on just five different platforms, you'll have five mini websites in places where prospects are likely to be looking for a business like yours.

Local listing sites may already show basic business information: name, address and telephone. They've gathered this information from other sources. When this takes place, claim the profile; then update and start enhancing with information for both users and search engines.

Without a doubt, Google Maps is the most powerful for localized online marketing. They provide applications for the iPhone and other mobile devices, as well as an automatic top spot on Google searches that specify location.
Make it a point to visit Google's Local Business Center ( Their video demo provides clear and concise guidance on how best to enhance your listings. Easy-to-understand analytics help grow your business. Attract new customers by adding Google Coupons to your listing. This feature is free!

SuperPages Business Solutions provide a variety of enhancement options including do-it-yourself video ad production. Consider pay-per-click ads to maximize marketing dollars; only pay for quality leads that actually click to learn more about your business (

The most important listing enhancement is customer reviews and ratings. So encourage your customers: Ask for reviews and ratings, then remind them to do so with a note on each delivery. But avoid the temptation to write the reviews yourself; they never ring true.

Will you ever need a website? Look to your competition:, dry cleaners and laundry. They guarantee free, on-time pickup and delivery in both Dade and Broward counties. I'd say they've got a powerful new idea. One that cherry picks the most profitable zones and customers. I'd ask if their business model is more profitable than opening new store locations.

Courtesy of The Miami Herald, September 28th, 2009, written by Jack Hardy. Here is a link to the article:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Service, Service, Service!!!

Remember back in the day, when businesses used to go that extra mile to assure your satisfaction and convenience at every step?

From the personal tailor in the luxurious department store to the hand-delivered, ice-cold gallon of milk on your front porch, it’s those special personalized touches that are often lacking in today’s hectic, need-it-now society. Sure, the word “convenience” is everywhere, but how often is it really and memorably delivered upon these days?

Well, Sudsies hasn’t forgotten what it was like then. And we’re dedicated to keeping that special feeling alive today.

At Sudsies, we pride ourselves on being eco-friendly, designer dud-savvy and prompt and professional. But if there’s one thing we truly hang our hat on, it’s our FREE pickup and delivery service.

Free pickup and delivery have been part of the Sudsies story since Day One, yet we’ve found that our customers aren’t always aware of this convenient and cost-saving offering.

So allow us to give you a quick primer.

It all starts at, our interactive and easy-to-use website. Once there, just click on the “Free Pickup & Delivery” button along the left-hand side, then click the “Sign Up” bubble. That will take you to a fast form where you’ll be asked to enter relevant contact information, including service details and cleaning instructions.

Once you’ve signed up here, you can put yourself on a fixed schedule – daily, weekly, biweekly, whatever works best for you. If you want us to pick up your dirty clothes every Monday and deliver them freshly cleaned every Thursday, we can do that. If you’d like us to pick up every Tuesday and deliver every Friday, that’s cool too. You name it. We’ll make it happen. The choice is all yours.

And of course, if you happen to suddenly find a stain on your favorite dress and need us to swing on by, you can always go online to request a pickup – and we’ll alert one of our drivers in your neighborhood right away.

It’s that easy. That personal. That convenient. And best of all, it’s entirely free of charge.

It’s all part of our dedication to going the extra mile to make you happy. Without ever stopping to check the odometer along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Visit today. And get reacquainted with the time-honored art of personalized convenience.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Give Your Clothes A Second Life

We all know that times have been tough for a while now. And with all the downsizing and belt-tightening going on across the country, shopping and consuming habits have shifted – in some cases, dramatically.

Take clothing sales, for example. In the second quarter of 2009, the TJX Companies (the parent of discounters Marshalls and T.J. Maxx) reported a rise in both sales and profits. On the other hand, Saks, the parent of Saks Fifth Avenue, slid down in both categories. So as you can see, all those belts are now getting tightened around much more affordable pants.

Of course, there’s little sense in belaboring or dwelling on all these changes (clothing and otherwise). In the words of a great anonymous American philosopher…It is what it is.

What we can do is find ways to help make what we do have go a little bit further. And share those nuggets of information with one another.

Forming a search party to scour the cluttered racks of Marshalls for fresh new arrivals is one way to do this. But there’s also another approach you can take – restoring your own damaged or discarded clothes. After all, why deal with the guilt and pressure of spending big (or medium) money on new clothes if you can spend even less money to breathe a “second life” into the clothes that already hang (often sadly) in your closet?

Clothing restoration just so happens to be one of Sudsies’ specialty services. Mildew stains on your old leather jacket. Smoke damage on that once-favorite dress of yours. Fraying around the collar of your favorite golf shirt. Damage from another dry cleaner. We can address all of these issues and more with our clothing restoration services and on-site tailor and seamstress. We even use a state-of-the-art odor treatment process to get rid of any “old” or just plain “ugly” smells that may be hanging out back there with your neglected clothing (misery loves company).

If you’ve had clothes damaged due to natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, or fires, we can help you itemize your clothing restoration billing in a format that’s easily accepted by insurance companies. Just remember, the longer your damaged and neglected clothes are left to wither and weather away, the more effort will need to go into reviving them from the dead.

So go ahead. Break out your forgotten old pants (just maybe not the Zubaz). You’ll be surprised how well that tight belt fits them.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the Lineup of Luxury

Some names just carry more weight than others.

Chanel. Four Seasons. Bentley Motor Cars. Saks Fifth Avenue. The Ritz-Carlton. Brooks Brothers. These aren’t just brands. They’re iconic brands. Prestigious brands. Luxury brands.

Luxury brands are brands that are renowned for quality, craftsmanship, exclusivity and ingenuity – and high-dollar price tags. For those reasons and more, they’re names that are celebrated and collected by celebrities, trend-setters and the affluent. And even during tough economic times like today, up to half of all U.S. consumer spending depends on the wealthiest 10% of the population, according to experts like Chris Ramey.

Ramey should know. As chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council Florida, he oversees the state chapter of an unparalleled network of the world’s leading brands. The aforementioned names are just some of the 1,000 or so elite brands that comprise The Luxury Marketing Council.

And now, Sudsies Couture Cleaning is part of the roster too.

The Luxury Marketing Council announced the inclusion last week, and with the sterling reputation of Sudsies Couture Cleaning, it makes perfect sense. By expertly checking, cleaning and treating each designer garment by hand, Sudsies Couture Cleaning has earned the respect and trust of celebrities, luxury clothiers and the affluent all across South Florida. The unparalleled level of service also includes free pickup and delivery to anywhere in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County, including homes, offices and even yachts.

Joining The Luxury Marketing Council will offer Sudsies Couture Cleaning more than just additional prestige. It will also afford the company access to powerful strategies and data from the most accomplished affluent-oriented businesses across the region and the country.

Founded in 1994 as a private by-invitation-only think tank, The Luxury Marketing Council was designed to share intelligence and create collaborations. In just 15 years, it has grown to include chapters in all corners of the world, from New York City to London to Sao Paulo to Miami and the Palm Beaches.

So now, when you get your designer clothes back from Sudsies Couture Cleaning, they will now be more than just clean. They’ll be luxuriously clean. And who can argue with that?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Couture Dry Cleaner Named Newest Member of Luxury Marketing Council

(MIAMI, FL) The Luxury Marketing Council, the intelligence source for more than 1000 global brands worldwide, announces its newest member: Sudsies Couture Cleaning, which provides dry cleaning services specifically for designer merchandise.

Serving celebrities, the affluent, and luxury clothiers throughout Miami Dade and Broward Counties, Sudsies has garnered a reputation as the finest in the industry for checking, cleaning and treating each garment by hand. In addition, Sudsies has free pickup and delivery service to anywhere in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County, including homes, offices, and even yachts.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Jason Loeb and his brand portfolio that includes Sudsies and Rugsies to our membership,” said Chris Ramey, chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council Florida. “The Luxury Marketing Council is thriving because companies of all sizes and categories recognize the importance of properly serving the affluent. Even in this economic climate, 50% of the total spent in America depends upon the top 10% of our population. Our organization of the world’s finest brands understands that securing this important demographic is imperative to their success.”

Jason Loeb, president of the Sudsies portfolio, noted that his firm is pleased to contribute to the marketing think tank provided by the Luxury Marketing Council.

“I am delighted to be a part of such a prestigious group of luxury brands and receive market information from the people who successfully promote them. By joining the Luxury Marketing Council, I am able to obtain strategies and new data from the region’s most accomplished businesses who all serve the affluent client in the South Florida arena.”

Founded in 1994 as a private by-invitation-only think tank, The Luxury Marketing Council has grown to include chapters in London, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Palm Beaches and Miami. Its mission is to share intelligence and create collaborations.

About The Luxury Marketing Council
The Luxury Marketing Council provides intelligence and services for those who serve and market to the world's most affluent individuals. Since 1994, its platform for consultation and collaboration has helped the world's leading purveyors of products and services find, engage, collaborate, share best practices and intelligence. The Luxury Marketing Council’s unparalleled network of the world's leading brands includes Richemont, Bacardi, Mandarin Oriental Miami, Air Partner, Chanel, Four Seasons Miami, Neiman Marcus, Taglairino Advertising Group, The Sacks Group, The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, Bombardier, Salvador Dali Museum, Seraph Miami, PPI Publishing, International Polo Club Palm Beach, The Breakers, Sailfish Point, Bentley Motor Cars, Blue Star Jets, Ferretti Group, Equinox, Saks Fifth Avenue, SRQ Media Group, Camper & Nicholsons, Coldwell Banker Previews, International Design Guild, Brooks Brothers, Hamilton Jewelers, American Express, Architectural Digest, Virtuoso, Diaz-Cooper Advertising and Luxe Florida. To learn more about The Luxury Marketing Council please visit

The Luxury Marketing Council Contact:
Christopher P. Ramey

The Sudsies Contact
Jason Loeb

Media Contact
Jackie Slatkow
Slatkow & Husak PR

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jason Loeb Named MDGLCC Business Person of the Year



The Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MDGLCC) presented Jason Loeb, CEO of Sudsies, with the AT&T Business Person of the Year Award at the organization’s 8th Annual Gala Awards Celebration on Saturday, June 27th. The event took place at Miami’s Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel, 1601 Biscayne Boulevard. Honorees were selected for their long-term commitment to fostering diversity, as well as their contributions to the overall wellbeing and quality of life in South Florida.

For the past several years, MDGLCC has selected a different color for the theme of the Gala. The theme this year is “Red,” a symbol of courage, honor, success, passion and love, all of which are driving forces in Jason’s business and personal endeavors. Guests were requested to embrace the theme by wearing something red in their attire.

Jason’s love of business and his dedication to the community are the cornerstones of his success. Shortly after joining MDGLCC, he took on the role of Membership Chair, spearheading an aggressive campaign that resulted in a significant increase in Chamber members. His strong philanthropic history includes serving as chair of the Young Founders of Mount Sinai Medical Center and the City of Miami Beach Board of Adjustment. He also sits on a number of other non-profit boards, including the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors since 2001.

Always connecting with people, building strong relationships is one of Jason’s strongest assets. A major industry consultant and motivational speaker, he has propelled Sudsies into a multi-million dollar chain, among the most recognizable brands in its industry.

Sudsies began as a coin-operated laundromat in 1994, evolving into a full-service laundry and dry cleaning company in 1996. In response to both a changing marketplace and customers’ needs, Jason began offering free home pickup and delivery in 2001.

In 2007, Sudsies launched its sister company, Rugsies, specializing in residential and commercial carpet, drapery and upholstery cleaning. A recent addition is Bugsies, offering pest extermination services for home and office.

Sudsies has received numerous accolades, including “Best Quality Dry Cleaners in South Florida” seven years in a row from The SunPost, the 2006 Diamond Palm Excellence in Business Award from the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and “Best Dry Cleaner in South Florida” in 2006 and 2007 by

Jason joins three other distinguished honorees at the 8th Annual Gala: Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, recipient of the Bacardi/Grey Goose Vodka Business of the Year Award; Dade Community Foundation, Wachovia Bank “Not-for-Profit Organization of the Year;” and Michael Aller, to receive the Hilton Downtown Miami “President’s Award.”

With a roster of more than 600 members, MDGLCC is the largest not-for-profit corporation in the state of Florida for gay and lesbian businesses, also welcoming those who promote diversity and acceptance within their organization. With membership on the rise, the Chamber's mission is to promote a unified and thriving, gay and gay-friendly, business and professional community throughout Miami-Dade County. Their goals are to promote networking within the existing gay and gay-friendly business and professional community, to promote business opportunities for Chamber members, to promote Miami as a year-round, gay and gay-friendly tourist destination, to provide resources for our members, and to provide outreach from our community to other organizations.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go Green Even When You Dry Clean!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cabin out in the woods (and that would certainly be ironic), you’ve heard a lot lately about “going green.”

It seems the tide has turned permanently toward a greater protection and stewardship of the environment, and Americans of all stripes are making more of a concerted effort to reduce their “carbon footprint” – or at least thinking about doing so.

Green automobiles. Green energy. Green business. Green politics. It seems everywhere you turn, green is the dominant color.

Things are no different in the professional dry cleaning industry. An emerging “green movement” is challenging some long-standing practices, such as the process of “wet cleaning” with regular water, which is a less toxic alternative to what is now in use. So please make sure to find a dry cleaner that is educated in and uses this eco-friendly method.

Other ways a dry cleaner can “go green” include instituting systemic recycling programs, conserving more energy and water, investing in technology or services that exceed regulatory requirements and educating and training staff in environmental regulations and matters.

There’s even a Green Cleaners Council hard at work to promote and reward “green marketing” and expose “greenwashing”. The council represents a wide cross-section of the industry, including customers, attorneys, engineers and waste management experts. The council has established a set of benchmarks to judge dry cleaners on their environmental sustainability, and also provides them with a forum to champion their successes and discuss strategies for further growth. The scores achieved on the “blind review” also help customers determine just how green their cleaner is.

Thanks to ongoing innovations like a plastic hanger recycling program and an EPA Design for the Environment program-endorsed wetcleaning process – along with many invaluable suggestions from caring customers – performed very well on the review, earning four out of five leaves.

So do the right thing and go Green today. See how your favorite dry cleaner rates on the Green Scale by visiting the Green Cleaners Council online at